Thames Wunderkammer


❄️Mudlark’s Advent, Day 10❄️
In the spirit of trying to foist some of my mudlark art on to you as ideal presents for your loved ones, here is a Mudlark Curiosity Cabinet, a wunderkammer.

This cabinet contains animal bones, teeth, shells and fossils, and has been curated with the famous quote by Samuel Pepys, ‘Strange to see how a good dinner and feasting reconciles everybody”.

In this collection I have included various teeth, most likely cow and horse, oyster and sea snails, fossils and animal bone. The finds I’ve chosen for this item were all found on the Thames foreshore, specifically, The City of London by Southwark Bridge, where, in certain areas, the foreshore is completely littered in bones.

“Cows, pigs, sheep and even boar, litter the surface and in some places are washed by the tide into thick, white drifts of shoulder blades, jaws (complete with teeth), ribs and larger limb bones, often with clear butchery marks.”
-Thames Discovery Programme

#mudlark #mudlarking #mudlarkart #london #curiositycabinet #wunderkammer #bones #shells #samuelpepys

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