Colour amidst the rust.

A smattering of colour amidst the rust and green. Marbles – three clay, one glass Codd bottle stopper, pearly buttons and fly buttons, some with makers marks, a bead and cut glass frenzy, decapitated horses and a Grenadier Guard head, clay alley gobs – one glazed, very green coins including a Victorian penny (1875), very rusted padlock (fingers crossed it will clean up nicely), bag seals and some Edwardian household parts.
More detailed information on particular items, to follow.

Buried Treasure


❄ Mudlark’s Advent, Day 24 ❄

A tasty little number which I willingly left foreshore side.

Attributing this whacking great bone to a cow or horse, thankfully it’s not human as “It’s a tibia, not femur, as it has no ball joint. Animal tibia tend to be rounded in cross section and often the fibula is fused in. Human tibia is more triangular in cross section. Bovine and horse tibia’s are generally longer and thicker than human, while deer is about the same length.”

Once again the mudlarking community has offered their large grey cells and I do not need to call the police.

Love Me Do

knot ring.jpg

❄Mudlark’s Advent, Day 21❄

Following on with the theme of things I know not much of, here’s a pretty little love knot ring. I’m presuming it’s late Victorian, and still trying to work out what kind of metal it is.

The brilliant minds on Thames Mudlarking Finds have suggested the following: pinchbeck alloy, copper, copper alloy, bronze, nickel, silver. The test for silver is to use “spit and silver foil, and if it smells like rotten eggs when you rub it, that’s silver!”

Age Old

Iron Age.jpg

❄Mudlark’s Advent, Day 20❄
Next up on the list of things I know not much of is this lovely lump of…?

They say Iron Age, Saxon, definitely has some age, reminiscent of La Tene design. I had hoped it was a crossguard decoration from an Iron Age sword.

But…I was also worried it might just be a bit of detail that had fallen off a fancy gate from Strand-on-the-Green in 1995, but I’ve reported it to the Finds Liaison Officer and waiting for an appointment to get it checked out.

Click-clack Soles


❄Mudlark’s Advent, Day 19❄

I find lots of leather soles up and down the foreshore, but here’s the first with copper nails still intact.
I’m not too hot on dating shoes, although I imagine this is Victorian, onwards. Would love to know if you have any ideas or information.
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Wild & Rare

Boar Tusk.jpg

❄️Mudlark’s Advent, Day 17❄️
It’s a bloody boar tusk! Reintroduced to the UK recently – after 700 years! Whose was it? Whose is it? Mine!

Error 1: Advice from Thames Mudlarking Finds tells me to keep it moist or it might split. Okay, I say. I shall rub it in oil. Not olive, they advise. Too late. I’ve already done it.

I was trying to avoid wet preserving it as I love to handle the tusk. However, given the anti olive oil message, it is now in a jar of tap water, awaiting my next move.