Mudlarks (1962)

Dear Friends in Mud, apologies for not having written for the past few days, but I also do this, and this, and this, so I think you’ll maybe forgive me.

I wanted to share this film with you, which I found on The River Thames Mudlarking Finds page. Do join, it is an excellent community, especially for those of you who are unable to make it down to the Thames.



Out of town today but still managed to find some pins, lead cutlery and a Bellarmine jug. The pins seen here are some of the last few made at the Oracle, once a seventeenth century workhouse founded by John Kendrick, at Minster Street, Reading. The Oracle building was later used as a barracks, then as a factory for rope, silk and pin making. The last pins were made in 1850, just before the building fell into ruin and was demolished. #readingmuseum #pins #theoracle #johnkendrick #workhouse #bellarmine #bartmann #wildmann #cardinalbellarmine #lead #rubberstamp (at Reading Museum)