Occult Inspired Mudlark Folk Art

Metal pins.jpg

Now available to buy  in my online shop, an occult folk art inspired box frame display made from repurposed finds from the mysterious tidal Thames.

Tiny metal objects, my favourite foreshore bits and pieces, include copper, brass, iron, lead, tin and alloys, and feature treasured objects such as hand made Tudor pins and hand forged nails, which can date from 15th to late 19th century.

Other small metal objects used are watch parts, fasteners, clasps, curled metals, sea tumbled items, rivets, nail heads. I arrange the objects in the same way I design sigils, with an intention in mind, to bring luck, and ward off evil.

All of the metal items used in this piece of art was found on the foreshore close to Southwark Bridge. The glass fronted box frame is brand new.

Have a look through the other items I have rescued and repurposed as art pieces. Some of them functional and personalised, like my contemporary take on witch bottles, others wearable pieces. Click here to view Old Father Thames Shoppe.



Out of town today but still managed to find some pins, lead cutlery and a Bellarmine jug. The pins seen here are some of the last few made at the Oracle, once a seventeenth century workhouse founded by John Kendrick, at Minster Street, Reading. The Oracle building was later used as a barracks, then as a factory for rope, silk and pin making. The last pins were made in 1850, just before the building fell into ruin and was demolished. #readingmuseum #pins #theoracle #johnkendrick #workhouse #bellarmine #bartmann #wildmann #cardinalbellarmine #lead #rubberstamp (at Reading Museum)